Riverfront Respite

Tucked away on a private riverfront lot in a charming, history filled neighborhood was a beautiful home in need of a fresh take. The home had been built and cherished by the original owners and our clients felt honored to lovingly restore the property. First the JLV team was tasked with ideating a new open concept layout, creating and detailing interior architecture moments and millwork, sourcing and quoting all construction finishes. JLV integrated with the build team at Concept Builders to insure proper execution of design details. Lastly, the clients relied on the JLV team to provide turnkey full service furnishings and decor throughout the home.

project scope

sq. footage

New Build

6000 Sq. Ft.

"Words will never express the positive experience we have had working with you. You created a fully renovated house, that kept its authentic character, and hit every characteristic we asked for: functional, warm, inviting. You worked with spaces that required not only creativity, but an architectural mind. You made us feel like you understood both of us, and made every detail work for us. You pushed me out of my comfort zone and that resulted in some of my favorite spaces. Choosing big ticket items typically would be very stressful, yet our experience was fun and easy - having a design team you have full confidence in, gives you full confidence in the big ticket decisions and really minimizes any concern for decision fatigue.

Because of you and your team we were able to spend 6 weeks on a ski hill, another month visiting friends and family in Canada, and another couple of weeks in Denmark during the renovation. I still remember us mentioning we were thinking of Denmark (after already being away for 2.5 months) and you told us to book it and never look back. We had full confidence in your team, and you guys had full support of us and our adventures. We feel so fortunate to have gotten to work with you, and cant tell you enough how appreciative we are for all you have done for us."

-The Garners