project scope

sq. footage

Custom New Build & Full Scope Furnishings

approx 10K Sq. Ft.

Livable Luxury

Inspired by earthy hues, dramatic contrast, and timeless warmth, our clients envisioned a dream gathering place for the whole family multiple times per year. They wanted a home that was equal parts showstopper and multi-functional retreat. Our clients work hard and wanted a space truly customized to their preferences. With a stunning indoor/outdoor connection through walls of glass, the focus on color palette and materiality was strong. Using a heavy emphasis on interior architecture details, our team curated a unique and timeless home ready for hosting or relaxing. Incredible exotic stone, heritage wood, and patina are a few of the repeated elements that tell the story of this bold, ultimate livable luxury abode.

When we began our journey to build our new home, we spent a significant amount of time looking at different builders. There were homes that stood out to us and As we dug deeper into how these homes were unique, we found that the common thread was the designer - JLV Creative. We engaged with Jlv and, From our first engagement, we knew that we had made a good decision to partner with the whole JLV team.

They were with us the entire process and worked tirelessly to over deliver on every aspect of the project. Somehow they continued to surprise and delight us with each step. We remember getting the initial quote for the project and thinking that this was a big investment to make into “only the design” of our home. What we found as we’ve completed the project is that it was the most CRITICAL decision resulting in a home we absolutely love. Hiring JLV was the best value of our project, dollar for dollar. They consistently looked for options that fit our budget and actually saved us more money than what they charged us for the design work. Their experience and expertise in choosing materials, colors, layouts and finishes allowed them to guild us to more effective, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing alternatives that actually saved us time and money.

We ended up with a home that is better than we could have imagined and saved money in the process. Not only would we recommend JLV Creative, we would argue they are the best investment to deliver a truly remarkable end product and overall experience of building your dream home. Maybe the best recommendation we can give is that we are looking at another project and won’t do it without JLV Creative.

-The Petersons